Step One is a comprehensive outpatient S.A. Program licensed by OASAS that offers a wide range of treatment options for individuals with S.A. or dependence and their family members/significant others.

Step One offers a comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment of substance abusing individuals and their significant others. This service is provided in a comfortable setting with a diverse offering of treatment to address substance abuse and the possible co-occurring issues that predated the substance issue, have been complicated and/or possibly created by the substance issue.

The Step One philosophy is to treat the individual and the significant people in that individual’s life on an outpatient basis. We view ourselves as part of a whole, especially when a client has other professionals in their life at the same time. Our staff are trained to be the hub of this wheel where necessary, understanding that the disease of addiction separates and isolates individuals and we may be the only ones in a position to bring all of the parts together again.

Our philosophy acknowledges that each individual is at a different level of motivation and acceptance of the issues they need to address, and we tailor the treatment recommendations to elicit the most optimum response from even the less motivated clients.

We believe in group treatment as the most evidenced based proven treatment for substance abusing individuals and their families/significant others because it eliminates the isolative nature of substance abuse and strongly influences individuals to make healthier choices, which is reinforced by supporting peers.

We are an abstinent model that follows the disease concept of addiction. Anyone participating in our program must be substance free except for approved medically necessary medications. Our experience shows that unless a client is chemically free of abused substances they will not have the capacity to integrate and act on healthier choices and behaviors; and they will consistently rely on their “chemical coping” tools instead of practicing healthier coping tools. The disease concept provides a “shame free” experience for clients because we here at Step One know that the neurophysiologic aspects of addiction have nothing to do with morals or intelligence. Addiction is a disease as per the American Medical Association and is treatable to the point of sustained remission.

Our philosophy includes working closely with medical professionals who may have patients with S.A. or dependence issues, and, with the appropriate consents, we include the medical professionals in the individual’s life as part of our treatment team.

Our treatment team consists of multi-level professionals with much diversity in their specialty area. We here at Step One strive to provide the highest quality care with the most up to date research based treatment that is stylized to fit the individual’s needs. Each individual is assessed and a unique, individualized treatment plan is created with special attention to all the issues that are creating conflict in the individual’s life. We work closely in conjunction with any other professionals that are involved in the many facets of the individual’s treatment.

The Step One philosophy includes a collective belief that, with support and guidance, any individual can create a better, healthier life for themselves. We as the treatment team understand that some individuals may need assistance in becoming fully aware of their ability to reclaim their lives.

This philosophy is displayed in the professionals in our treatment team when they meet each client “where they are at” and work to enhance that ct’s strengths and guide the client in overcoming their challenges.

This philosophy allows for the recovery process of healing to move at an effective pace and in a manner that the client can “own.”

Our philosophy includes matching the best possible specialty groups, level of intensity and primary therapist with the needs and characteristics of the substance abusing individual. We do this with consideration to possible limitations, including transportation, work or school schedule, ongoing or already in place therapy or treatment programs, and financial constraints. We do our best to modify the original recommendation without interfering with the integrity of the clinical needs. We have scheduled our groups to accommodate most work/school responsibilities.

We provide group and family sessions as well as regular individual sessions to the client in working through their issues on all levels. Each client has an ongoing individualized treatment plan, created in conjunction with the client and our whole treatment team.

We provide ongoing communication with any collateral sessions and serve as the individual’s advocate in any legal issues connected to the admission into our program.

We support the client’s focus on healthier choices by tracking attendance and participation. We track biological sobriety by performing random urine drug screen toxicology tests and breathalyzers. All of these measures provide a progress report of the individual’s sobriety.

The expertise of our professional staff include motivational enhancement, cognitive behavior therapy, rational emotive therapy, relapse prevention, SBIRT, contingency management, family systems theory, treating childhood trauma and PTSD, treating co-occurring disorders such as depression, bipolar, anxiety and schizophrenia, psycho-education, family education, family relapse prevention, women’s issues, anger management, emotional regulation, interpersonal skill building, couples therapy and domestic violence education.